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How to choose the right insurance 

With the mind field of insurances, we can help you find your way around to make sure you have what your need in place to protect your loved ones. 

Protecting what’s important whether you’re a young single or managing a busy family, having the right insurance provides great peace of mind.

Whatever you’re trying to protect in life, there’s an insurance solution to match. And so whether you need to protect your income and lifestyle, family home, children’s future or livelihood to run your own business – an Partners in Planning financial planner can help in investing in insurance.

Partners in Planning Insurance planning and advice

Life’s big moments and insurance

If you’re about to walk down the aisle or give birth, chances are insurance isn’t top of mind. But big life changes can provide the right time to talk about protecting your future lifestyle.

You may already have insurance through your super or personal policies, but in most cases this isn’t going to be enough. What’s more, there may be smarter ways to protect you and your family now your life circumstances have changed. What many don’t realise is that you are your biggest asset, and yet generally this is the most uninsured asset.

In addition to protecting your family from the impact of losing you with things like Life and TPD insurance, your income is a critical asset to protect. And yet many Australians insure their car or home before they protect their earning potential with Income Protection insurance.

Most people will make millions over their working lives. Isn’t this worth protecting?And while no one likes to dwell on the negative, insurance could protect your family’s financial well being if something happened to you. The best news is it doesn’t have to be difficult or impact your current lifestyle.

Partners in Planning Insurance planning and advice



By taking out Life, and/or Total and Permanent Disability and/or Critical Illness insurance, you can help make sure your children’s financial future is secure. And the best news is getting covered doesn’t have to compromise your current lifestyle and budget. There’s a wide range of flexible insurance products and packages available.

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What options are available? 


 It’s interesting we insure our cars, our homes and our health without a second thought. And yet so many of us leave ourselves wide open when it comes to the really important stuff – looking after our loved ones and protecting our income in the event of death or illness.

One of the biggest reasons for this is that many people don’t realise is how easy and affordable it is to get covered, or what’s available to protect themselves and their family. Here’s a rundown on the types of insurance available to protect what’s really important:

    Life Insurance

    Life Insurance secures the financial future of those you’d leave behind if you died. It insures you for a particular amount, and can be used for the future needs of your family, such as paying off the mortgage, funding school fees or other expenses.

    Income Protection Insurance

    This insurance can provide you with a monthly income protection payment of up to 75% of your earnings if you’re unable to work due to sickness or injury. It can help to cover living costs such as mortgages, school fees, car repayments or other expenses.

    Critical Illness Insurance

    Critical Illness insurance cover can provide a lump sum paymnent that will assist to lighten the financial load of a serious illness, so you can concentrate on getting better without the added stress of worrying about your expenses.

    Total And Permanent Disability (TPD) Insurance

    TPD insurance provides a lump sum payment if you become totally and permanently disabled and can’t work. It can help pay medical costs, debts or make alterations to your home to help you adjust to your disability.

    Save money by thinking long term

    You may already have your insurance needs sorted, but did you know there’s a smarter way to pay premiums so you make significant savings in the long term?

    Level premiums unlike stepped premiums, are consistent over time so you can avoid the additional cost in later life when you’re more likely to claim. Locking into level premiums as early as possible, when you’re younger, means you can make significant savings in the future. And because people have different needs at different stages of their lives, it’s worth talking to one of our adviser to see how a flexible premium option could be tailored to suit your situation.

    * Level Premium doesn’t mean your premiums are guaranteed or do not change. Level premium rates may increase over time due to rate increases, CPI increases and policy fee increases. However, unlike stepped premium, level premium (excluding CPI and the policy fee) doesn’t go up by age-related increases.

    Budget-proof Insurance

    Let’s face it, most of us would rather our spend time and money on enjoying life now than taking out insurance. But protecting your family’s future doesn’t have to compromise your current lifestyle and budget. Here are some strategies to make insurance more affordable:


      Buy your insurance in super

      Buying insurance through your super means you may be able to take advantage of tax concessions that may make it cheaper than insuring outside super.


      Pay your premiums annually

      In some cases, you may be eligible for a discount if you pay your premiums annually, rather than monthly.


      Save with income protection insurance

      When buying Income Protection, choose a longer waiting period for your benefit payment and a shorter benefit payment period to significantly reduce your premiums.


      Reduce the sum insured

      As a last resort, you can consider insuring yourself for a lower amount.

      If cost is a barrier, starting with a lower sum insured can ensure you get in while you’re young and start enjoying the benefits of insurance, which can be dialled up as you need over time.

      Protecting your kids, your parents and yourself

      If your parents have begun winding down their working hours, they may have already begun to take care of your children more often. However, if something were to happen to you or your partners aren’t insured this could become a permanent situation; adding serious pressure to your parents’ financial funds.

      There’s also the future lifestyle of your children to consider; would they have to go without if you weren’t around?

      By taking out Life, and/or Total and Permanent Disability and/or Critical Illness insurance, you can help make sure your children’s financial future is secure. And the best news is getting covered doesn’t have to compromise your current lifestyle and budget. There’s a wide range of flexible insurance products and packages available.

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